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1&1, authorization codes, and a Polish make-up artist
Posted on Monday July 06, 2015

Late last month I mentioned that an attempt was made to transfer one of my domains from to 1&1 by a person that had no such authority, obviously. Having concluded my investigation and numerous exchanges of messages with, I’m updating – and exposing – the person who attempted this domain theft. It all […]

How to turn an unsuccessful domain sale to your benefit
Posted on Tuesday June 30, 2015

On a given day of the week, I receive numerous inquiries for domains in my portfolio, even on weekends; the needs of people and companies for a domain representing their brand never stops. Not every inquiry turns into a sale, and conversion rates fluctuate during the year, depending on various parameters. There is one thing […]

Numbers and figures : The psychology of domain bidding
Posted on Sunday June 28, 2015

Bidding on domain names in public – or private – auctions, is a process that requires certain elements to be present, as part of a successful strategy. To begin with, domains that are promoted extensively or prominently, most often don’t fall in the “great deal” category. They are simply chosen per the interest of their […]

GoDaddy expired domains : Why the long wait after payment?
Posted on Sunday June 28, 2015

Recently, I renewed my trust in GoDaddy and it’s all thanks to the hard work of Joe Styler, who has been assisting with a lot of the issues I addressed last year. First and foremost, Joe’s patience, demeanor and ethics project sainthood; I am fully aware of the gravity of the word, and it’s not […]

You think WHOIS privacy deters domain theft attempts ? Think again.
Posted on Friday June 26, 2015

The current counter-argument that domains with WHOIS shield on are protected from theft, is outright weak. While the privacy of a registrant’s info is much more respected outside of the US and the original com/net/org triad of TLDs, there is a false perception that by masking that information a domain is safer. ICANN mandates that […]

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