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How a DNForum domain acquisition led to a 9000X ROI
Posted on Monday May 18, 2015

When I say that I hold domain names long term, I mean it. Domain flipping is the surest path to losing money. A domain name acquisition from 2009 has just transformed into an almost five figure sale, and the completed exchange is yet another example of my decision to trust my gut feeling. Six years […]

Flippa and the ever-shifting domain BIN price
Posted on Saturday May 16, 2015

A few weeks ago, I noted how most active domain auction venues lack one thing in common: the ability to display the annual cost for renewing the domain. Kevin Fink was the only one that contacted me privately on the matter, to assure me that Flippa takes notice and many improvements are slated ahead. That’s […]

Why I don’t appreciate third party brokers barging in
Posted on Monday May 11, 2015

In this industry we pretty much know each other, thanks to its structure and relatively small size. I often meet other domain industry professionals, at local meetings or at larger gatherings such as domain conferences. Connections are important to have, value and utilize in a mutually respectful yet efficient manner. I often use domain brokers […]

Happy Grandmother’s Day
Posted on Sunday May 10, 2015

Grandmothers are twice the mother one has; they possess the love, patience and understanding distilled through the experience of an extra generation. Not to discount one’s love for their mother, but today’s Mother’s Day celebration clearly deserves to be expanded, including grandmothers as well. My own two grandmothers, long resting in peace somewhere, helped instil […]

Give the domain buyer a piece of your mind
Posted on Friday May 08, 2015

Negotiations that rely on the domain buyer’s commitment to establish credibility of their interest, can often lead to a non-sale. When a buyer displays interest, or even seems to understand the requirements set forth by the seller and yet does not commit to a timeframe, the process is doomed to fail. As I’ve said recently, […]

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