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Liquid domains : The best deal might not be the fastest
Posted on Friday November 20, 2015

Domain liquidity is the ability to convert digital assets into currency, quickly and without much hassle. Whether this title applies to domains used as “coinage” for years, such as LLL .coms, brandables or dictionary domains, one thing really matters: getting the cash you need. Underselling one’s assets makes little sense, but in a liquid domain […]

Trader feedback : Important feature of domain marketplaces
Posted on Wednesday November 18, 2015

One thing I miss from the days of using Sedo to sell domains, is their trader feedback indicators. While not perfect, the Sedo method of displaying a potential buyer’s activity status helped a lot with determining their “worthiness.” To a degree, the Sedo system makes up for the lack of important intel related to the […]

Had any LLLL .com domains? Prepare to be spammed for a long time
Posted on Monday November 16, 2015

The good news: Long term holders of LLLL .com domains are seeing their investments appreciate, as throngs of – allegedly – Chinese domain investors are snapping up these assets. The bad news: Someone ran a WHOIS of all LLLL .com permutations, and has been sharing the database. What this means: Even if you sell, or […]

Domain brokering: It’s a dog eat dog world
Posted on Friday November 13, 2015

I’ve been following the proliferation of professional domain brokerage establishments for several years, and have arrived to the following conclusion: It’s a cut-throat business, and a ‘dog eat dog’ world. During the previous decade, the focus shifted from domain selling venues, to aggressive acquisitions and sales via the use of brokers. The change did not […]

Kudos to Sedo for their Chinese domain market awareness
Posted on Monday November 09, 2015

Despite having moved all my domains out of Sedo three years ago, I still buy domains at their marketplace. Recently, I completed an acquisition of a generic domain via Sedo, from domains in their owned inventory. Curious about what other domains they are offering, I was able to locate several LLLL .com domains, one of […]

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