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EscrowHill: Perfect for international domain sales
Posted on Friday December 19, 2014

I’ve been using EscrowHill as a domain escrow service for almost two months now; having documented my first sale to a domestic domain buyer, it’s time to share some info about an international sale as well. The option to use the Premium Escrow where EscrowHill takes control of both the domain and the funds, allows […]

GoDaddy pays fast
Posted on Monday December 08, 2014

Three days ago I described my experience with the GoDaddy “Domain Buy Offer” service, outlining the process and how smoothly it went. As I prefer to offer the bulk of my domain portfolio via Domain Name Sales, I was skeptical initially. It all comes down to agreeing on a price, after all, and by achieving […]

The Day of Infamy: Pearl Harbor’s legacy
Posted on Sunday December 07, 2014

It is true what they say about events that occurred in December: they can’t size up next to the Holidays and get lost in the spending glitz. And yet, an important anniversary, that of the attack on Pearl Harbor, deserves to be brought out of obscurity, each and every year. As every year passes by, […]

Domain Name Sales and GoDaddy: The best of both worlds
Posted on Friday December 05, 2014

The majority of my domain portfolio is monetized and available for sale via Frank Schilling’s Domain Name Sales platform. Most buyers type in a domain and end up on a page lander, which prompts them with a link to inquire further. Others might perform a WHOIS lookup and email me directly. Lastly, another group of […]

Registrars taking the spamming route
Posted on Wednesday December 03, 2014

As if domainer spammers were not enough, domain registrars peddling new, exotic gTLDs are becoming more brazen in their approach. With several hundred new gTLDs currently live, some registrars blindly send out announcements about the availability of extensions without any apparent opt-in or otherwise targeted mechanism. Today I received an email from EuroDNS letting me […]

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